Hope  oil on canvas 20 cm diameter , December 2018

Strange City and Giant Clown  oil on canvas 80x80 cm , December 2018

Balance II  oil on canvas 80x80 cm , July  2018

Giant Snail and Mosaic Towers oil on canvas 90x90 cm , May 2018

Artificial Intelligence oil on canvas 70x70 cm , April 2018

Strange Bridge   oil on canvas 70x75 cm, March 2018

Abandoned Island oil on canvas 100x100 cm , Sept.  2018

Seven Towers  oil on canvas 90x90 cm ,September 2018

Old Man Leaving the Darkness oil on canvas 80x80 cm ,  May2018

Peace oil on canvas 80x80 cm ,  May2018

Civilization Tower  oil on canvas 85x65 cm,  April 2018

Dilemma  oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm , March 2018

My Home II  oil on canvas 35x35 cm , March 2018

Man Alone oil on canvas 60 x 60 cm ,February 2018

Innuendo   oil on canvas 90x90cm, February2018

City of Darkness   oil on canvas 80x 60cm, February 2018

Storm II   oil on canvas 60x80 cm, February 2018

My World IIII   oil on canvas 90x 90 cm,  January 2018

Long Road  oil on canvas 70x 110 cm,  January 2018

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